Michal Kus
Michal Kus
Gdańsk, Poland


I am a versatile Concept artist and not restricted to one theme and style. My skills range from fast sketches to proper quality illustrations. Being able to pull off all kinds of concepts in various production pipelines due to my long inhouse experience (more than 3 years) where I worked closely with other artists, art directors and producers to push the quality of a giving project. I have experience in both the video game and film industry.

I have an excellent eye for detail and I try to flesh that out with even the fastest and roughest works. I am able to quickly and effectively respond to critique and feedback. I am very comfortable and used to work under high pressure where quantity sometimes is more important than quality, but that of course depends on the project's needs

∙ Visual Development, Design language development and Art style development, Concept art, Illustration, story boarding, Level design.
∙ Able to do organic and mechanical designs, environments, interiors, characters, creatures, and props, all this presentable in various stages and/or styles. ranging from fast value color comps to line drawings to full blown quality images.
∙ Use of Unity, Frostedit and other game engines/software for quick environment,hardware,vehcile set up, and then paint over or draw over it to flesh out design iterations.
∙ Versatile, curious, open-minded, very open to critiques, and highly motivated. Excellent communication skills. Quickly adapts to new work environments, able to work independently and with teams.
∙ Excellent image knowledge (composition,perspective,colors, value control, shapes, design)


Concept ArtConcept DesignIllustrationMarketing IllustrationLevel DesignStoryboardingTransport DesignEnvironment DesignCharacter Design

Software proficiency




  • Concept artist at Criterion Games
    Guildford, United Kingdom
    February 2014 - Present

    responsible for Visual development of Criterion's new IP. By delivering concept art ranging from environments, marketing illustrations, rough idea sketches, level design, story boarding, vehicle design.