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The Room 2 - Castles concepts

It's already more than a year ago and I finally can share it. This gig was something different I do usually. I did this for Fireproof games for ''The Room 2'', was super intensive but I learned a lot to mix quantity and quality! Thanks to Tom Hulton-Harrop from Criterion Games for the recommendation and for the amazing team for providing me clear 3D blockouts.

The castle needed to be concepted and then based on 3D block outs that were provided by the Fireproof team it had to be painted from many different angles

The Room 2 is now out on the PC as well!! :D

Michal kus fireproofimage4
Michal kus fireproofimage2 final
Michal kus fireproofimage2 final darker
Michal kus fireproofimage4 revised2
Michal kus fireproofimage5
Michal kus fireproofimage6
Michal kus fireproofimage1
Michal kus fireproofimage3
Michal kus fireproofimage6
Michal kus fireproofimage4 revised
Michal kus fireproofimage7
Michal kus fireproofimage5
Michal kus fireproofimage8
Michal kus fireproofimage5
Michal kus fireproofimage11
Michal kus fireproofimage12
Michal kus fireproofimage10
Michal kus fireproofimage13
Michal kus fireproofimage16
Michal kus fireproofimage9
Michal kus fireproofimage15
Michal kus fireproofimage14