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Sci Fi MBT - Main Battle Tank Design

Concept for a project from a while ago. a 1 manned medium tank. Well rounded, decent speed, good firepower with good modular armor.

~Optional Access to more armor to fit certain combat conditions while sacrificing speed.
~Optional Acces to a better high velocity main gun.
~Optional Access to additional weapons systems.

I teach this kind of stuff at my upcoming classes at Focal Point.

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Michal kus tankatatankatatankfinal2 small

Final concept with render.

Michal kus tankatatankatasketches


Michal kus tankatatankatatankfinal

Final concept sketch (prototype)

Michal kus tankatatankatatankfinaviewsl

Orthographic views

Michal kus tankata tankata x final3

Additional Armor, Additional weapon systems, Better main gun.

Michal kus tankata tankata x final3views

Orthos of the beefed up variant.